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22 July 2016
Healthy League Jumped into the Digital World  

The Department of Health was honoured to be invited as a supporting organisation to the “6th Hong Kong Digital Game Development” this year.  The competition was organised by Cyberport and Hong Kong Digital Game Based Learning Association.  With the theme of “Cancer Prevention”, the competition aimed to enable participants to learn about the basic concepts and knowledge of cancer prevention and raise public awareness of cancer prevention through designing digital games.
The competition received overwhelming response and attracted more than 190 entries.  The adjudicators agreed that the submissions were outstanding.  Students used the seven Healthy League members to disseminate messages of cancer prevention such as healthy eating, get more exercise, weight control, no smoking, no alcohol drinking and early detection through screening, in a lively way by means of digital games. 
Prize presentation ceremony was held on 20 February 2016.  Dr. Eddy NG, Principal Medical Officer (Non Communicable Disease) of the Department of Health, as an officiating guest shared three tips on healthy use of internet and electronic screen products:
  • be physically active and going outdoor ;  
  • adopting the 20 – 20 rule: rest for 20 to 30 seconds after every 20 to 30 minutes of using electronic screen products.  
  • observing the 60 – 60 rule: listen at no more than 60% of the maximum volume of mobile devices for less than cumulative 60 minutes a day.  
Dr NG hoped everyone could have a well-balanced lifestyle by maintaining good visual, musculoskeletal and hearing health. During the ceremony, Captain AC brought a lot of funs to the participating students, teachers and officiating guests.  You may visit the thematic website of the “6th Hong Kong Digital Game Development” ( to learn more on the winning entries.
Prize Presentation Highlights
Captain AC sent his greetings to all participants. 
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Participants took selfies with Captain AC!
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Group photo with Captain AC.
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