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World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2015

World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2015


The first World Antibiotic Awareness Week (16-22 November 2015)

Antibiotics: Handle with Care

Antibiotic Awareness Day 2015


Use Antibiotic Wisely. Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become one of the greatest challenges to global public health today. The problem is increasing and imposes heavy burden on society. In order to raise awareness on the threat of AMR and the importance of prudent antibiotic use, WHO is launching the first World Antibiotic Awareness Week this year (16-22 November 2015).

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) commits to support the WHO global initiative in combatting AMR. Since 2012, Antibiotic Awareness Day has been marked annually on November 18 in Hong Kong to raise awareness on the threat of AMR and the importance of prudent antibiotic use.

To echo WHO’s global call, CHP has been coordinating a series of publicity campaigns during the World Antibiotic Awareness Week to promote the messages of smart use of antibiotics. Furthermore, we are pleased to launch a “Use antibiotic wisely. Prevent antimicrobial resistance” video competition. Selected videos will be awarded on the Antibiotic Awareness Day 2016.

Antimicrobial consumption is the key driver of emergence of AMR. Realizing that healthcare professionals play a critical role in preventing AMR, CHP has launched the locally adapted “I pledge” campaign in 2014 for the healthcare professionals working in the Department of Health and hospitals. About 700 healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses and pharmacists have signed the pledge to show their commitments to judicious use of antibiotics. To further promote the messages to the healthcare professionals and other allied healthcare workers working in the ambulatory care settings and community this year, a new webpage has been developed for the “I pledge” campaign to provide easy internet access to the information.

Don’t Wait, Pledge Today – “I Pledge” Online Registration for Healthcare Professionals and Other Allied Healthcare Workers.

I Pledge To Use Antibiotics Responsibly - Online Registration

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