Jointly organised by the Advisory Committee on Mental Health and the Department of Health , the "Shall We Talk" Initiative was officially launched on 11 July 2020. The dedicated website of the Initiative is ( ).
We have stopped updating the thematic website of "Joyful@HK" since July 2020.
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Campaign Name, Slogan and Logo

Campaign Name, Slogan and Logo

Campaign Name


Joyful mood is one of the benefits of enhanced mental well-being. The campaign aims to share this message all over Hong Kong.


First Phase


The campaign slogan "Fun‧Feel‧Share" consists of three key components of mental well-being enhancement. "Fun" conveys the meaning of enjoyment in life; "Feel" represents the outcomes of positive thinking; "Share" implies social interaction with others. By combining all these three components together, the slogan conveys the message that mental well-being can be enhanced after carrying out all the relevant deeds.

Second Phase

"Mental Health Matters. Let's Stand Together!" - By increasing public's knowledge and understanding of common mental health problems of different age, the campaign aims to encourage people to detect the problems and seek help earlier, as well as to reduce stigmatisation.


A smiley face is adopted as the campaign logo to express a joyful mood. It is being outlined by different colours and strokes to bring out the message that a multi-dimensional approach, including the practice of "Sharing", "Mind" and "Enjoyment", is needed to contribute to a good psychological condition or joyful mood of a person. The nose of the smiley face also resembles the alphabet letter "J" of the campaign name "Joyful@HK".