Jointly organised by the Advisory Committee on Mental Health and the Department of Health , the "Shall We Talk" Initiative was officially launched on 11 July 2020. The dedicated website of the Initiative is ( ).
We have stopped updating the thematic website of "Joyful@HK" since July 2020.
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Message from Ambassador

I feel honourable and touched to be invited to participate in “Joyful@HK”, a three-year mental health promotion campaign. As a singer and someone who had gone through mental distress, it is very meaningful for me to be appointed as the Campaign Ambassador of “Joyful@HK” and taken up the mission to promote mental well-being in Hong Kong.

Besides, I hope there will be an increasing number of people who acknowledge the importance of mental well-being and the fact that it is common for most of us to face challenges to our mental well-being at some points in our lives. Do not shy away from the problem. Be brave enough to deal with it, share your feelings with others; keep an open mind, perceive things with positive attitude and optimism; and engage in enjoyable activities to maximise potential and gain satisfaction. You can be joyful everyday!

Sammi Cheng
Campaign Ambassador of “Joyful@HK”

Let's listen to Sammi's message (Chinese version only)



Ambassador’s pledges:

Sharing: Seek both physical and psychological support by learning how to share your feelings and emotion with others. Treasure the moment you spend with others and the interaction with them.

Mind: When you have emotional problems, do not deny from having negative emotions. Trace the source of your negative emotions proactively, and then learn to use a positive approach to comprehend the same situation.

Enjoyment: It is a must to have a healthy and good work-life balance. Besides, it is also very important to take up a hobby.