Jointly organised by the Advisory Committee on Mental Health and the Department of Health , the "Shall We Talk" Initiative was officially launched on 11 July 2020. The dedicated website of the Initiative is ( ).
We have stopped updating the thematic website of "Joyful@HK" since July 2020.
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  1. Engage in and enjoy activities that you are interested in and turn them into your hobbies. For example, take leisure walks, listen to music, reading, etc.

  2. Regularly engage in physical activities or mind-body exercises that you are interested in. For example, hiking, swimming, running, ball games, tai chi, yoga, meditation, etc.

  3. Be curious and pay attention to your surroundings. For example, exploring the nature to savour its beauty.

  4. Learn something new that you like. For example, learning new sport skills and learning how to cook a new dish.

  5. Engage in activities that can further develop your strengths or talents and maximise your potential. For example, take photos of beautiful scenes.

Enjoy reading and listening to music in Hong Kong Public Libraries.
Join the activities you are interested in.
Plan your hiking.
Join the sports you are interested in.
Visit museums to appreciate beautiful things.
Search for EatSmart recipes and enjoy cooking healthy dishes with your family.