Jointly organised by the Advisory Committee on Mental Health and the Department of Health , the "Shall We Talk" Initiative was officially launched on 11 July 2020. The dedicated website of the Initiative is ( ).
We have stopped updating the thematic website of "Joyful@HK" since July 2020.
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As an adult, it is common to encounter challenges and difficulties from work, family or social relationships etc. It is important for us to have both healthy mind and body to cope with all these adversities.

Looking after your mental well-being is not difficult. Simply add “Sharing”, “Mind” and “Enjoyment” elements into your life to make it healthier, happier and more meaningful.

Act now! Let “Sharing”, “Mind” and “Enjoyment” bring you the joy. Also submit “My Pledge” and share your joy with others anytime and anywhere you like.


  1. Share your joy
    Share the good news or positive events happened on you with others. The more people you share with, the better you feel. For example, sharing the reason for receiving gratitude from others, the volunteer work experience you have had, and photos of a nice meal you have had with others.

  2. Be empathetic and offer help
    Actively help or interact with others in a supportive and caring manner. For example, opening a door for your colleague who is holding a pile of folders, and lending your seat to an elderly in a public transport.

  3. Connect with others regularly
    Spending time with those whom you enjoy being with can make you feel good. You can organise a gathering with friends every once in a while.

  4. Spend time with your family members
    Having a better and closer relationship with your family members makes you feel good. Share your bits and pieces in your daily life with your family members and enjoy a meal with them.

  5. Express your feelings and gratitude
    Do not hide your feelings or gratitude. For example, saying “well-done” to your colleagues, and giving a “like” to your mom for cooking a good meal.


  1. Reappraise situations in a positive manner
    Infuse positive meanings or values to comprehend situations. Think in a positive way. For example, you may view physical activity as an activity demonstrating your personal achievement, rather than an activity wasting your time.

  2. Pay more attention to yourself
    Monitor your moods and react early. For example, taking a rest and talking to someone early if you feel very anxious and irritated.

  3. Value and accept yourself
    Everyone is unique and so are you. Learn to value yourself and accept who you are. Identify your strengths and positive qualities. Be confident about your abilities instead of underestimating them.

  4. Set your goals and work it out
    Set different goals that are meaningful and achievable, plan and take steps to achieve your goals.

  5. Be grateful
    Treasure the things that you possess, e.g. good health, warm family or close friends instead of complaining about your deficiencies.


  1. Regularly engage in physical activities or mind-body exercises
    Choose whatever physical activities or mind-body exercises that you are interested in and then perform them regularly. For example, hiking, swimming, running, ball games, tai chi, yoga, meditation, etc.

  2. Live in the present
    Take notice to and treasure the pleasurable features of the environment around you. For example, admire the family photos placed on your desk.

  3. Enjoy your private space and time
    Staying alone for some times can make you feel good. By enjoying your private space and time during a nice warm bath or shower, your muscles and body can be relaxed.

  4. Keep learning
    Learn something new that can offer you a sense of achievement and make you feel good. For example, you may learn to cook a new dish and learn photography.

  5. Laughter makes you feel good
    Laughter produces an aerobic effect that is similar to that of doing physical activity. Laughter also makes you feel good and relaxed. So laugh more!

  6. Take up a hobby
    By engaging in activities you truly enjoy and turning them into your hobbies, your confidence may be boosted and your mind may be stimulated. Start reading a book this weekend, go hiking with your family, and take beautiful photographs.