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Vaccination Schemes - General Public

Vaccination Schemes - General Public

Click here to view "Health Series: Seasonal Influenza Vaccination" (Video Clips)

"Vaccination Subsidy Scheme" and "Government Vaccination Programme" (including "Residential Care Home Vaccination Programme")

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination
To prevent seasonal influenza and its complications, as well as reduce influenza related hospitalisation and death, the Government provides free or subsidised seasonal influenza vaccination to designated target groups.

Pneumococcal Vaccination
To strengthen immunity of elderly persons against pneumococcal infection, the government provides free or subsidised 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) to eligible high-risk elderly persons in 2017/18 season, in addition to the existing 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (23vPPV).

Am I Eligible to Receive Free / Subsidised Seasonal Influenza or Pneumococcal Vaccination?

The Government conducts free programmes and subsidy schemes to the below target groups for seasonal influenza vaccine or pneumococcal vaccine. Please click the target group for details:

If you or your family members are recommended to get any of the vaccines but are not eligible under the above-mentioned free programmes or subsidy schemes, you may consult your family doctor and consider fee for service for personal protection.

Useful Information

Programme / Scheme Details

In addition to seasonal influenza and pneumococcal vaccination, the Government also provides immunisation programme for children. Please click the following scheme / programme for details:

Please Note

It is worth noting that the list of vaccines included in the programmes is not exhaustive. Besides the vaccines mentioned above, private doctors may provide other vaccines to individuals for protection against certain infectious diseases. These vaccines include chickenpox vaccine, Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine, meningococcal vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine, rotavirus vaccine and combined vaccines which contain a combination of various vaccine components. If you want to get vaccinated, please consult your doctor.