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Population Health Survey 2020

Population Health Survey 2020


(1)    Introduction

To understand the health status as well as the health-related behaviours and practices of the general population of Hong Kong, the Department of Health (DH) conducted the third territory-wide population health survey (PHS).


(2)    Objectives

The PHS aimed to strengthen the Government’s information on the population health and to support effective and evidence-based decision making in health policy, resource allocation and provision of health services and public health programmes.


(3)    Target population

Hong Kong land-based non-institutional population aged 15 or above.  


(4)    Data Collection and Survey Results

The PHS comprised two parts, namely (I) household survey; and (II) health examination, including physical and biochemical measurements. The fieldwork of household survey was conducted between November 2020 and January 2022.The fieldwork of heath examination was conducted between March 2021 and February 2022.

Infographic Leaflet

Report Cover

Main reports

        Report of Population Health Survey 2020-22 (Part I), presenting findings on household interviews, was published in December 2022.
        Report of Population Health Survey 2020-22 (Part II), presented findings on health examination, was published in April 2023.

Thematic reports

        Thematic Report on Iodine Status was published in July 2023.

        Thematic Report on Viral Hepatitis was published in December 2023.

The health examination also collected data on iron profile, and the results will be presented in the subsequent separate report.

(5)    Handling collected data

The data collected will only be used for research and statistical purposes. Survey results will only be released in aggregated form. All personal data and contact information will be kept strictly confidential and disposed of safely within 6 months after completion of the survey.

(6)    Relevant Publications

Joint Recommendation on Iodine Intake for Members of the Public (Poster)

Joint Recommendation on Iodine Intake for Members of the Public (Pamphlet)

Report of Iodine Survey

Report of Population Health Survey 2014/15

Report of Population Health Survey 2003/2004 (Executive Summary)

Report of Heart Health Survey 2004/2005 (Executive Summary)


(7)    “Partnership for Healthy Cities”

The “Partnership for Healthy Cities” is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Vital Strategies. It supports the Population Health Survey 2020 as an evidence-based intervention to prevent non-communicable diseases. For more information on the Partnership for Healthy Cities, please visit