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Beware of Antibiotic Resistance    Use Antibiotics Properly

Beware of Antibiotic Resistance    Use Antibiotics Properly

What are antibiotics?
Antibiotics are effective drugs for treating bacterial infections. Different types of antibiotics are effective against different types of bacterial infections. When being used for a particular type of infection, the prescribed antibiotics can also kill the normal bacteria in our bodies, increasing the risk of acquiring more resistant bacteria. Therefore, we should consult doctors before using antibiotics. Also, we have to be extra vigilant about personal hygiene to reduce the risk of developing antibiotic resistance.

Can antibiotic resistant bacteria affect us?
Yes, this is because infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria are difficult to treat. Nowadays, antibiotic resistant bacteria have imposed a significant impact on the health of the public.

Antibiotics can treat bacterial infection but they also kill the normal bacteria in our bodies, increasing the risk of acquiring resistant bacteria. Thus, what should we do to protect ourselves from acquiring antibiotic resistant bacteria and the related infections when we need to take antibiotics?
Inappropriate and irrational use of antibiotics provides favourable conditions for resistant microorganisms to emerge and spread.  Hence, the following points must be followed carefully when you are taking antibiotics:

  •  Only take antibiotics prescribed by your doctor
  •  Follow advice given by your doctor when taking antibiotics
  •  Never share your antibiotics with others
  •  Enhance personal hygiene while you are taking antibiotics to protect yourself and your family and prevent the spread of bacteria:
    •  Keep hands clean
    •  Eat only well-cooked food. Drink only boiled water
    •  Disinfect and cover all wounds
    •  Wear mask if you have respiratory symptoms like cough, sneeze, runny nose and sore throat
    •  Young children having symptoms of infection should minimize contact with other children
      Be extra vigilant about personal hygiene while taking antibiotics

For more health information, please visit:
Centre for Health Protection Website

or call
24-Hour Health Education Hotline of the Department of Health at 2833 0111
(Printed in April 2015)

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