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Stair Climbing Promotion Guideline – Programme Implementation

After working out the whole programme, you can put it into practice within the proposed method and time frame. There are 2 points to note:

  • Variations may arise during implementation (e.g. staff movement, change in venue purpose, etc). Contingency measures should be readily available.

  • Close contact should be maintained among all working staff. Regular meetings can be held to follow the progress of the programme. If problems arise, discuss with relevant staff to work out the solutions.

Mount the Stickers

  • Mount colourful, creative and attractive stickers on conspicuous places to create a prompting environment for stair use.

  • Discuss with relevant organizations (like Owners Incorporations) the ways to sustain the effectiveness of the programme (such as regular promotional activities, regular inspection of stairs safety, etc).

Organize Promotional / Publicity Activities

  • When organizing promotional / publicity activities, you should adopt a gradual approach and take account of the continuity and sustainability of the promotional/ publicity activities. In planning an activity, its effectiveness should be assessed to see if it can achieve the objectives. The following are some suggested forms of activities:
    • Posting and distribution of publicity materials: Programme objectives and content can be promoted through various media (e.g. display of posters on notice boards and distribution of promotional leaflets) to attract participation of the subjects.

    • Award scheme for stair climbing: It is easier said than done in maintaining regular exercise. Apart from favourable environment, an award scheme for stair climbing can be devised with regard to the preferences and interests of the subjects to encourage them to develop the habit of daily stair climbing that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Participation can be group / family based. Awards will be given to participants meeting the target as encouragement.

    • Exhibitions / booth games: Health awareness and knowledge can be enhanced through health exhibitions, distribution of leaflets, quizzes, etc.