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Basic Infection Control for Property Management - Chapter 3: Preventive Measures against Infectious Diseases

Shopping centres are usually crowded 
There may be babies and elderly people
thus proper infection control measures are essential
to safeguard the health of the community
I can see that many people take pictures or selfies here
They must be attracted by the beautiful environment here
which should look great on social media
Apart from the aesthetic design, we should ensure proper hygiene in all aspects
To prevent or control infectious diseases
appropriate infection control measures must be carried out promptly
by removing the pathogens or infective microorganisms
source of infection, route of transmission, and the susceptible host
so as to interrupt the chain of infection 
I know that there are two tiers of infection control measures
Including standard precautions, and transmission-based precautions
KJ, standard precautions refer to the precautionary measures 
that are applied when we may contact blood, body fluids, secretions
excretions, wounds and mucous membranes
regardless of whether the target is infected or not
These measures include hand hygiene, cough etiquette, environmental cleanliness
Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
and appropriate waste handling
Transmission-based precautions are additional measures 
that we may adopt on top of standard precautions
They focus on preventing the spread of infectious diseases
through contact, droplet or the airborne route
of which, proper use of PPE plays a very important role