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Basic Infection Control for Property Management - Chapter 4: Hand Hygiene

Ching-yee, your hands will not be clean if you wash in this manner
There are many germs around in the shopping centre
we should wash our hands thoroughly
Then how should I wash them?
Ling, please demonstrate the correct method of hand washing
First, wet our hands with water
Then, get some liquid soap and rub hands together to make a soapy lather
Rub each part of our hands for at least 5 times
First, rub our palms
then back of hands
finger webs
back of fingers
finger tips 
and finally our wrists
Rub for at least 20 seconds
Then rinse hands thoroughly with water 
Then dry hands with paper towel or hand dryer
Properly discard the used paper towel
That's it
If I cannot wash my hands with water and soap
 can I use alcohol-based handrub instead? 
Yes, you can
If your hands are not visibly soiled
you can use 70-80% alcohol-based handrub
It can effectively prevent cross transmission of infectious diseases via hands
The hand rubbing technique of using alcohol-based handrub is similar to hand washing
Use sufficient amount, around 3-5 ml of alcohol-based handrub
To cover all surfaces of your hands
we rub our palms
then back of hands
finger webs
back of fingers
finger tips 
and then wrists
Rub for at least 20 seconds until your hands are dry
Let the alcohol dry on your hands, don't wipe it off with paper towel
Check the expiry date of alcohol-based handrub before using 
Let me give you a tip:  we can sing birthday song while washing our hands!
Singing while washing hands?
If you are shy, you can sing in your heart
I am not that shy, let's sing and wash
Dr Lui, why is hand hygiene so important?
It is because our hands come into contact with many different pathogens every day
We cannot know the degree of contamination by inspection with our naked eyes
Many infectious diseases can be spread by unclean hands
hence hand hygiene is very important
We suggest to perform hand hygiene by either hand washing
or using alcohol-based handrub
We should wash hands with soap and water when they are visibly dirty
If our hands are not visibly dirty 
alcohol-based handrub can give the same result and is very convenient too
KJ, do you know when should we clean our hands thoroughly?
Yes. Is it before and after we touch our eyes, mouth or nose
when respiratory secretions contaminate our hands, such as after coughing or sneezing
after touching public objects 
before food preparation and consumption
after using toilet 
before wearing mask; before or after taking off the mask?
Correct. You have answered very well