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Basic Infection Control for Property Management - Chapter 6: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Kit, your cleaning trolley is well-equipped
Ling, you have an appreciative eye
Let me show you the equipment for our daily cleaning 
There are two parts. The first part is for carrying out the cleaning process
We have mops, diluted household bleach, water
towel, forceps, detergent
and highly absorbent disposable towel, which is great for cleaning vomitus
measuring cup
The second part is more important, it is our personal protective equipment (PPE)
mask, plastic apron, disposable gown
disposable gloves, rubber gloves, face shield
and alcohol-based handrub 
Okay, I should get going
The use of PPE provides a physical barrier to protect workers from infection
Sufficient stock should be maintained to ensure adequate supply is available to workers 
to prevent them from acquiring pathogens at the workplace
Let Ching introduce the commonly used items of PPE
Ching, is this our PPE?
Yes, these pieces are our PPE
Please bear in mind that hand hygiene must be performed before touching PPE
We have masks
Face shields
and gowns
Ching, can you show me how to use them?  I am new to this job
No problem. We practise our skills every year
Gloves should be worn when handling contaminated objects
Take off the used gloves and perform hand hygiene immediately after the procedure
Glove-wearing cannot replace hand hygiene 
Gown or apron should be worn if splashing is anticipated
In order to protect our skin, body and clothes from contamination 
After the procedure
we should take off the contaminated gown carefully and perform hand hygiene immediately
to avoid transferring microorganisms to others or the environment
Put on a face shield to enhance protection if splashing is anticipated
It can protect the mucous membrane of our eyes
in which ordinary spectacles do not provide adequate protection
Disposable face shield is preferable
It should be discarded after the procedure or when contaminated
It is more suitable for handling cases with infectious diseases
Reusable goggles / face shield must be washed
and decontaminated in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
A cap can protect the hair, and a disposable cap is preferable
It should be discarded after the procedure or when contaminated
It is more suitable for handling cases with infectious diseases
When dealing with large areas of contamination
or a suspected case of novel / severe emerging infectious disease
We need to wear a full set of PPE according to the guideline
Let me show you how to wear them
Perform hand hygiene with alcohol-based handrub before wearing PPE
Choose a mask of appropriate size 
The metallic strip faces upwards, the coloured side faces outwards 
The folds of the outer surface point downwards
Position the elastic bands around both ears 
Mould the metallic strip over the nose bridge
and extend the mask to fully cover the mouth, nose and chin
 Avoid touching the mask after wearing
Otherwise, we should perform hand hygiene before and after touching the mask
To put on a face shield, first remove the protection film if any 
Hold the rubber band on both sides and then put on the face shield
For some models, the headband can be adjusted at both sides
which allows the face shield to fit snugly over the face
without being too loose or too tight
To wear a cap, it should cover the upper part of face shield, both ears and all of the hair
For a compressed cap, unfold it into an open cap form before wearing it
Hold the gown as high as possible when unfolding it to avoid touching the floor
Hold the gown in front of you. Put on the sleeves first 
and then fasten the tie or velcro tab at the back of neck 
Ensure the two sides of the gown behind are overlapped
so that your back is completely covered
Then fasten the ties at one side of the waist
Choose gloves of appropriate size and type 
When wearing gloves, they should completely cover the cuffs of the gown
We practise often so that we are always prepared 
But I am worried that I would forget
Don't worry
We can check with the PPE-donning poster issued by the Centre for Health Protection 
Don’t worry about forgetting 
You are so professional, Ching 
You can also be this professional as long as you follow and learn