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Scientific Committees

It is important that we base our work on the best available science and research evidence, hence CHP has set up Scientific Committees to serve as a platform for deliberation and professional exchange among experts, upon which strategies and actions for communicable disease prevention and control can be formulated. To target major communicable diseases of public health importance, six Scientific Committees will be formed. They are :

I. Scientific Committee on AIDS and STI
II. Scientific Committee on Emerging & Zoonotic Diseases
III. Scientific Committee on Enteric Infections and Foodborne Diseases
IV. Scientific Committee on Infection Control
V. Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases
VI. Scientific Committee on Vector-borne Diseases

Terms of Reference of the Scientific Committees

1. To advise the Controller, CHP on the scientific basis of public health actions aimed at protecting the community from infectious diseases.
2. To review and develop strategies for prevention and control of a specified group of infectious diseases/risk factors in the light of changing epidemiology and advances in medical science.

Papers Discussed / Recommendations