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Scientific Committee on Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases

Changes in social and ecological conditions including population growth and movement, food and eating habits, environmental and other factors play a part in the emergence of zoonotic or potentially zoonotic diseases. Diseases normally confined to animals may find a path to human beings and cause illness as a result. To tackle these problems from the scientific perspective, Scientific Committee on Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases is set up.

Prof. HUI Shu-cheong, David, B.B.S., J.P.

Dr Christopher John BRACKMAN
Prof. CHAN Kay-sheung, Paul
Dr CHAN Kin-sang, J.P.
Dr CHUANG Shuk-kwan, J.P.
Dr Vivien CHUANG
Dr HO Chin-ho, Kenny
Dr KWONG Fung Ming, Jasmine
Dr LAI Wai-man, Raymond
Dr LUI Chung-yan, Grace
Prof. Joseph Sriyal Malik PEIRIS, S.B.S.
Dr TSANG Yin-chau, Benedict
Dr WU Tak-chiu

Scope of Advice

1. To advise the Controller, CHP on scientific basis of the public health actions aimed at protecting the community from emerging and zoonotic diseases; and
2. To review and develop strategies for public health management of emerging and zoonotic diseases and their risk factors in the light of changing epidemiology and advances in medical science.

Papers Discussed / Recommendations