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Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Vaccination offers the best hope for protecting population health against challenges posed by infectious diseases, through strengthening of the human defense systems. The Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases is set up to provide science-based advice on vaccine use at the population level.

Prof. LAU Yu-lung

Dr. CHAN Chi-wai, Rickjason
Dr. CHIU Shui-seng, Susan
Dr. CHIU Cheung-shing, Daniel
Prof. Benjamin John COWLING
Prof. HUI Shu-cheong, David, B.B.S.
Prof. HON Kam-lun, Ellis
Dr. KWAN Yat-wah, Mike
Dr. LAM Wing-wo, Edmund
Dr. LEUNG Chi-mei, Emily
Dr. TAI Lai-bun
Dr. TO Kai-wang, Kelvin
Dr. TSANG Tak-yin, Owen

Scope of Advice

1. To advise the Controller, CHP on scientific basis of the public health actions aimed at protecting the community from vaccine-preventable diseases; and
2. To review and develop strategies for public health management of vaccine-preventable infections and their risk factors in the light of changing epidemiology and advances in medical science.

Hong Kong Childhood Immunisation Programme

Papers Discussed / Recommendations