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Scientific Committee on Vector-borne Diseases

The medical community needs to stay vigilant against the threat imposed by emerging and resurging vector-borne diseases. This is particularly true in the face of demographic and societal changes, genetic alterations in pathogenic organisms, insecticide and drug resistance, and global warming. The Scientific Committee on Vector-borne Diseases will study these issues and advise on the prevention and control strategies.

Prof. CHAN Kay-sheung, Paul

Dr. CHAN Chi-wai, Rickjason
Dr. CHAN Fuk-woo, Jasper
Dr. IP Kai-ming, Dennis
Dr. KONG Wing-ming, Henry
Mr. LEE Ming-wai
Dr. LEUNG Chi-mei, Emily
Dr. LEUNG Yiu-hong
Dr. QUE Tak-lun
Prof. Joseph Sriyal Malik PEIRIS, S.B.S.
Dr. WONG Kai-hay, Howard
Dr. WU Tak-chiu
Dr. YEUNG Lee, Michelle

Scope of Advice

1. To advise the Controller, CHP on scientific basis of the public health actions aimed at protecting the community from vector-borne diseases; and
2. To review and develop strategies for public health management of vector-borne diseases and their risk factors in the light of changing epidemiology and advances in medical science.

Papers Discussed / Recommendations