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Infection Control Branch


Dr WONG Tin Yau, Andrew
MPH (Johns Hopkins)
MSc in Infectious Diseases (Lond)
FRCP (Edin)
FHKAM (Medicine)
DTM&H (Lond)
Specialist in Infectious Disease
Dr WONG Tin Yau, Andrew

Spectrum of work:
  • Develop, promulgate and evaluate best practices in infection control at health care and non-health care settings;
  • Coordinate, facilitate and support training in infection control for all levels of health care staff and personnel in health care settings;
  • Support epidemiological investigation of unusual infections and nosocomial infections in hospitals;
  • Conduct surveillance on infection hazards in health care and non-health care setting;
  • Develop infectious disease management protocols; and
  • Support quality management of infectious diseases with public health perspective.