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Antibiotic Awareness Day Animation Video Transcript

5 December 2012

Safe Use of Antibiotic Animation Video

Breezes blow across the land, the antibiotic warriors turn to face the camera. They gather together ready for a battle.

The leader of the warriors sets his mouth in a determined line, furrows his eyebrows and gives an intense look in his eyes. He faces the enemy, cries out loudly: “Who are these little creatures? Let me take you down!” They yell:  “Attack!”

The warrior charges forward bravely. The bacteria look panicked. They retreat backwards with small steps, yelling: “Oh…No!”  

At this time, the warrior jumps up and smacks the bacteria down with one strike.

As their weapons clash, the bacteria fly into the air and they cry helplessly: “Ah! Ah! Ah!” A bacterium falls on the ground, and he feels disorientated.

On the other hand, the virus looks calm standing with a strong and energetic look.

The warrior looks at the bacterium on his left who is still disorientated, and then glances to his right at the virus who looks arrogant. He scratches his head, mumbling to himself: “Huh?! Why is he still okay?”

While the warrior is wondering why the virus is not affected, a hand suddenly grabs and pulls him up. The warrior yells: “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

A voice in the background says: “There are different types of infections. What makes you qualified to decide whether you should take antibiotics or not?”

A middle-aged woman is about to put the antibiotic warrior into her mouth. At this time the voice in the background stops her: “Hold on!”

A handsome doctor flips his hair gently, turns around and a ray of light appears behind him. The middle-aged woman immediately pauses and looks at him admiringly.

The doctor says: “I am the one to decide on dosage and duration of antibiotics.”

The shot is then changed to the little panda’s home. The little panda is watching a video about the warrior, doctor and woman.

The little panda with a runny nose is holding a glass of water in his hand. He turns to the camera and says: “If you have a cold or flu, drink plenty of water, have adequate rest and you will get well soon!”

Then the little panda gives a lovely smile, jumps up from the couch and falls on the slogan, which says “Never take antibiotics without a prescription. Consult your doctor first.”