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About the MHP

About the Men's Health Programme (MHP)

Men nowadays seize opportunities and strive for best results. As a consequence, they tend to ignore their most important asset - their health. In fact, men's health status in Hong Kong has yet to be improved. Health tips such as adapting a healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking and substance abuse, caring for your family, and to seek medical advice when necessary can all help to improve your well-being.

The Men's Health Programme from the Department of Health aims at promoting the health of men in Hong Kong. It provides useful information concerning various men's health issues through website, roving exhibition, pamphlet and brochure, etc.

The objectives of the Men's Health website are to raise men's interests in their own health and to enable them to learn men's health knowledge through self-explanatory and interactive activities.

Besides this website, you can obtain more information by the following ways:

1) Men's Health Programme Fax / Email

Fax number: 2575 4110

E-mail address:

(For the sake of internet security and protection of your personal data, you are advised not to provide any personal particulars (e.g. full name, telephone number) in your email. You are also advised to read the Privacy Policy of this website.)

2) Health Promotion Branch, Department of Health

Promotion pamphlets and brochures related to men's health are available at the following health education centres. You can obtain these materials in person. For reservation of the required materials, please see the below information:

Health Promotion Branch Enquiry Number: 2572 1476


7/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, HK

13/F, Tsuen Wan Government Office, 38 Sai Lau Kok Road, Tsuen Wan

3) Health Education Infoline of the Department of Health

The Health Education Infoline of the Department of Health offers a convenient way to obtain useful information related to men's health. You can select Cantonese, Putonghua or English to listen to various topics on healthy lifestyle and major diseases found commonly in men. You can also obtain the information by fax.

Health Education Infoline of the Department of Health:
2833 0111