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Men's Mind - Anxiety Disorders

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Anxiety Disorders
Categories and Warning Signs

What are anxiety disorders?

Everyone experiences anxiety at times, especially before an important event. However, some men experience excessive anxiety and worries that become chronic, distressing and interfering with daily living.

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Categories and Warning Signs
Do You Know...

It is common for an anxiety disorder to be accompanied by another anxiety disorder or illness.

What are the different kinds of anxiety disorders and their common warning signs?

There are several recognized groups of anxiety disorders, including:

  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
    One is compelled to spend a great deal of time doing things over and over again,
    such as washing hands, checking things, so as to make the repeated and upsetting
    thoughts go away.
  • Panic disorder
    Repeated attacks of intense terror that strike often and without warning, often
    accompanied by physical symptoms similar to a heart attack. One may stay away from places where they have the frightening attacks.
  • Social anxiety disorder
    Disabling fear of scrutiny, embarrassment, or humiliation in social situations, which
    leads to avoidance of these activities.
  • Special phobias
    Irrational fear of specific object or situation that poses no actual danger, such as fear of closed spaces, heights, dark, dirt and germs. The fear leads to avoidance of objects or situations and can cause people to limit their daily lives unnecessarily.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
    Persistent discomfort feelings that occur after experiencing or witnessing a
    traumatic event such as physical abuse, war or disaster. Nightmares, flashbacks,
    feeling irritable and anger are common.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
    Consistent and exaggerated worrisome thoughts and tension about everyday routine life events, such as those related to work or study, finance, health and family issues. Symptoms like fatigue, trembling, muscle tension, and headache are common.
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How can I prevent it?

The following methods are useful in preventing anxiety disorders.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your body and mind healthy.
  • Share your thoughts and worries with someone you trust.
  • Do not take on too much.
  • Understand anxiety disorders and be aware of the early signs and symptoms.


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What are the treatment options?

Medication and psychotherapy are usually needed. It is important, before commencing any treatment, to have a thorough medical examination and mental evaluation to ensure appropriate management.

Health Tips

Many people misunderstand anxiety disorders and think that individuals can overcome the symptoms by will power. Wishing the symptoms away, in fact, does not work. Anxiety disorders are treatable. You do not have to face the disorder alone. Contemporary men should seek help from organizations and professionals when necessary.

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