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Domestic Violence Wife / Husband Abuse

Wife / husband abuse

Wife / husband abuse is the deliberate act of causing physical or mental suffering on the spouse. It usually occurs when they are in conflict or unable to control their own emotion. The problem of wife abuse is more serious than that of husband abuse and therefore the husband becomes the major abuser. However, the cases of husband abuse are on a rise recently.



The causes of wife / husband abuse

There are plenty of factors that contribute to spouse abuse. The common factors include:

  1. Extramarital affair
  2. Unemployment
  3. Work pressure
  4. Financial worries
  5. Excessive drinking and drug abuse
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Am I an abusive husband?

To check if you are an abusive husband, please recall if you had behaved in any of the following ways towards your wife in the past:





Verbally abused your wife


Threatened your wife


Hurt your wife with weapons


Prevented your wife from going out to work


Prevented your wife from managing the domestic finance


Prevented your wife from having enough money to deal with the basic needs of life


Slapped your wife


Struck and kicked your wife


Forced your wife to have sex with you

If you answer "Yes" to any of the above questions, you may have already abused your wife in different ways.

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Tips of preventing wife abuse

  1. Avoid accumulating too much negative feeling or bringing with you the distress from work after getting home. You should frankly tell your wife the difficulties you encounter so as to enhance the understanding of each other.
  2. To forgive your wife does not mean that you have to lose your dignity. It shows your magnanimity to tolerate her shortcomings.
  3. Tolerate and forbear more, criticize and complain less.

Ways of coping with abuse

Wife abuse is a serious issue. To stop the abuse situation from getting worse, the husband and the wife should seek assistance from specialists (e.g. social worker).

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Who Else Can Help?

Social Welfare Department's Hotline
Tel : 2343 2255

Christian Family Service Centre
Tel : 2861 0283

Harmony House MAN Hotline
Phone : 2295 1386

Against Child Abuse Ltd. Hotline
Phone : 2755 1122

Caritas Jockey Club Project Cedar - Social and Emotional Support Service for Men
Hotline : 2649 9158 / Whatsapp : 5431 5413

Po Leung Kuk Family and Intimate Partner Relationship Hotline for Men
2890 1830 (24-hour service)