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Watching Live Football Matches, Let's Exercise!

Watching live football matches is popular entertainment among Hong Kong residents during the weekends. Owing to the difference in time zones, most of the games are being held late at night in local time. To watch the games live, soccer fans need to sacrifice a lot of sleep inevitably, and are thus prone to sleep deprivation. However, poor recovery from these late-night events may affect your daily routines, sport performance and other aspects of daily life. Below are some tips for the fans to stay healthy throughout the live matches:
  1. Do stretching and simple exercises

    Stretching exercises are easy to do, and can be done any time and anywhere without any equipment. The fans can do stretching at the same time to improve blood circulation while watching the exciting games. Moreover, the fans can also walk around or do some simple aerobic exercises to ease tight muscles and stiff joints before a game begins or during the intermission.

  2. Maintain correct sitting posture when watching the games

    The fans may have to get up in the small hours for live broadcast. Tired, the fans will tend to lie on the bed or sofa when watching the games. Poor body posture over a prolonged period will cause pain in muscles and joints. In order to prevent body soreness when watching the games, the fans should try to maintain a correct sitting posture and provide the body (especially the back) with sufficient and comfortable support.

  3. Get enough sleep

    Not getting enough sleep is a problem that most of the fans will face during the World Cup period. It can weaken your immunity and increase your chances of having diseases. If you don’t have enough sleep, your job performance will be affected, and you will be subject to a greater risk of accident and injury in daily life or at sport events. Therefore, it is important to try your best to have enough sleep during the World Cup period. For example, you can take compensatory naps, watch selected games only, and so on.

  4. Put aside time for exercise

    During weekends, the fans will spend a lot of time and make enormous effort watching the games. Make sure you have time for your own exercise as well. Don’t shy away from physical activity just because you are “too tired” or “too pressed for time”.

  5. Strike a balance between watching the games and maintaining normal social life

    Updates on the soccer games will become hot social topics between fans. That having been said, the fans should try to strike a balance between watching the games and maintaining a normal social life. For example, get your friends out for some exercise so that you’ll be able to work out together while having a chat about the games.