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Common Misconceptions about Diet

Many people have wrong conceptions about food intake. Here are some:
1. False: Soup ingredients have no nutritional value after boiling. Just drink the soup and discard the ingredients.
True: Most of the nutrients, including dietary fiber, protein and other nutrients, are still remain in the ingredients, not the soup. Therefore, it's recommended to consume the soup as well as the ingredients for best result.
2. False: The nutritional value of frozen meat is not as good as fresh meat.
True: Modern method for freezing meat maintains the nutritional value of meat, and frozen meat is relatively cheaper and provides an option for consideration.
3. False: Vitamin supplement, tonic food and health drinks promote physical health.
True: For most people, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can already provide enough nutrients for maintaining a good health. Please consult a health care professional before consuming any nutrition supplements.
4. False: Skipping breakfast is a way to lose weight and keep fit.
True: Breakfast is a daily nutritional source. It can also make you concentrate and perform better at work. Having a regular diet and taking three main meals a day including breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as doing an appropriate level of physical activities are the key to weight management.