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About HEALTH Direct

Service Aim

HEALTH Direct is a health education mobile unit that complements health promotion activities in the local community. It is designed to add fun to health learning. Wherever it goes, it reminds people of healthy ways of living. Watch out for the roving exhibitions by HEALTH Direct in housing estates and public places. Organisations and schools are also welcome to book HEALTH Direct for health promotion activities. Interest parties may refer to Promotional Tools, How to Apply and Code on the Use of HEALTH Direct as follows to obtain more information.

Functions and Capabilities

HEALTH Direct is equipped with a mix of health educational resources that support a range of health promotional themes including healthy eating, healthy exercise, organ donation and prevention of communicable diseases. What’s more, gadgets and computer games that come with HEALTH Direct allow users to acquire and refresh health knowledge in an interactive and interesting way.


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Promotional Tools

Basic Equipment
  Healthy Eating Active Living Organ Donation Communicable Diseases
42” LCD TV
Movable carts
Notebook with computer games
Reservation Required
Easy roll banner
Health Education Printed Material
How to Apply

Note: The loan service of HEALTH Direct will be suspended from 1 September 2019. We regret for any inconvenience caused.

Code on the Use of HEALTH Direct