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World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day
World Diabetes Day World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day (WDD) was first created in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization in response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat posed by diabetes. The WDD became an official United Nations Day in 2006 and is marked every year on 14 November. It is currently the world’s largest diabetes awareness campaign reaching a global audience of over 1 billion people in more than 160 countries.

Every year, the WDD campaign focuses on a dedicated theme and the theme for WDD 2020 is “The Nurse and Diabetes”. The campaign aims to raise awareness around the crucial role that nurses play in supporting people living with diabetes. As the number of people with diabetes continues to rise across the world, the role of nurses and other health professional support staff becomes increasingly important in managing the impact of the condition.

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