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Hand Hygiene Awareness Day 5 May 2015

Hand Hygiene Awareness Day 5 May 2015

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Hand Hygiene is Your Entrance Door

Hand Hygiene is the single most important measure to prevent infections.  In 2005 Hong Kong has pledged support to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s first Global Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Saver Care, by actively promoting hand hygiene in both health-care setting and in the community.  From 2010 onwards, Hand Hygiene Awareness Day is marked annually on 5 May in Hong Kong, in support of the WHO’s SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands initiative which aims to raise the public awareness of good hand hygiene.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of WHO’s Clean is Safer Care Programme.  Their newly theme is: Strengthening healthcare systems and delivery –Hand Hygiene is Your Entrance DoorTo orchestrate with WHO, the Centre for Health Protection has developed a series of promotional materials, served as reminder of the five moments for hand hygiene and seven steps for handrubbing, helping to sustain hand hygiene practice among healthcare workers. To keep pace with increasing use of social media and internet. The Centre for Health Protection has published the promotional materials on Facebook and YouTube pages.



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