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Emergency Response & Information Branch


Dr KWONG Kwok-wai, Heston, JP
FHKAM (Community Medicine)
M Med (Public Health) (Singapore)

Dr KWONG Kwok-wai, Heston, JP

Divisions and Spectrum of work:

  • Port Health Office
    • Enforce relevant provisions of the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance and the International Health Regulations at the seaport, Hong Kong International Airport and land boundary control points of Hong Kong so as to prevent infectious diseases from being introduced into or carried away from the territory.
  • Emergency Response / Contingency Planning Unit
    • Facilitate emergency preparedness and management of public health crisis, including develop and update contingency plans as well as plan and co-ordinate exercises and drills.
  • Risk Communication / Corporate Planning Unit
    • Formulate risk communication strategy; and
    • Co-ordinate the formulation of CHP's objectives and strategies.
  • Electronic Health Record Management Team
    • Develop and maintain the Clinical Information Management System (CIMS) of DH; and
    • Facilitate DH's participation of the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) as healthcare provider.
  • Information Technology Management Unit
    • Supervise IT project development;
    • Provide IT advice to service units of DH; and
    • Provide support to IT infrastructure, common departmental applications, e-Government initiatives as well as security framework.
  • Programme Management Office
    • Plan for and take forward of implementation of Information Systems Strategy Plan.