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Emergency Response and Programme Management Branch


Dr KWONG Kwok-wai, Heston, JP

FHKAM (Community Medicine)
M Med (Public Health) (Singapore)

Main spectrum of work:

  • Develop contingency plans and conduct exercises and drills to enhance the overall preparedness and response for public health crisis;
  • Coordinate with various DH services and other Government Departments and participate in public health emergency response;
  • Coordinate the formulation of CHP’s objectives/strategies, networking and logistics for major cross-Branch functions of CHP;
  • Plan, implement and enhance various vaccination programmes, including seasonal influenza, pneumococcal and school immunization of the Hong Kong Childhood Immunization Programme;
  • Coordinate and support applied research projects in communicable disease as it relates to the CHP/DH; and
  • Support and collaborate on health advisory and liaison activities with District Councils and District Offices.