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Men's Mind

Men's Mind Learn more about mental well-being and skills in dealing with daily stress

Stress is a fact of everyday life and a certain level of stress is beneficial in preparing us for a challenge. However, extreme and prolonged stress will lower the immunity and increase the susceptibility to a wide range of diseases.


Depression is a very common mental illness that can affect anyone, men and women.


Insomnia means having difficulty in fallen asleep, waking up too early, or waking intermittently, resulting in insufficient sleep.

Anxiety Disorders

Everyone experiences anxiety at times, especially before an important event. However, some men experience excessive anxiety and worries that become chronic, distressing and interfering with daily living.


Suicidal behaviour is complex. It occurs when someone deliberately inflicts physical harm on himself. It may not mean the person really wants to die, but the person may only wish to escape from unbearable pain or frustration which is caused by a wide variety of problems.

Pathological Gambling

When a person's gambling behaviour becomes out of control and characterized by a continual need to gamble, even when the person experiences difficulties and distress from gambling, he may be suffering from pathological gambling.