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Men's Relationships

Men's Relationships
Explore how men can build a healthy relationship with people around.

Family Harmony

For a man, having a family in harmony is of utmost importance. A man who has a harmonious family will:

  1. be taken good care of by his wife;
  2. be respected by his children;
  3. be concerned with by family members;
  4. be full of vigour;
  5. be emotionally stable;
  6. have sufficient energy and physical strength to work;
  7. feel happy and contented.

In modern society, a man is the core member of a family who plays the important role as husband and father. To cope with overlapping roles and responsibilities, a man should not overlook the skills and keys to being a good husband and a good father.

Furthermore, successfully maintaining good relationships with other family members also helps maintain family's harmony overall. Taking good care of your parents and maintaining good ties with them sets a good example for your children to follow in their relationship with you, while remaining in good terms with your parents-in-law may mean that you have another tremendous source of support. Being a good son or son-in-law may not be as difficult as you imagine, if you can proceed with gentleness, consideration and a bit of wisdom.

Harmony at Workplace

Most working men spend almost one third of their time at work. In essence, a working man probably spends more time seeing his colleagues at work than his family. He works closely together with his colleagues, and in his daily interaction with his colleagues, conflicts at work are almost unavoidable. In fact, conflicts at work can be an important source of stress for some of us. Successfully dealing with conflicts at work helps make workplace a less stressful place and achieve better harmony at workplace. We can approach the question of conflicts at work in similar ways as we handle many health problems: prevention (minimize conflicts); treatment (handle conflicts) and rehabilitation (recover from conflicts).

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the deliberate act of causing physical pain or mental suffering on family members. It includes wife / husband abuse and child abuse.