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  Stepping Up Physical Activity

Adding more time

Already doing 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of aerobic physical activity? Good for you! Do you want to gain even more health benefits from physical activity? Slowly add more time to your weekly routine.


Advice to follow:

To get more health benefits, add more time of aerobic physical activity.
Try to move from 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-level activities a week to 5 hours or more a week. This activity level can lower your chances of getting breast and colon cancer.

Would you like to have stronger muscles? If you have been doing strengthening activities 2 days a week, try adding an extra day.

Adding more effort

Instead of doing only moderate-level activities, replace some with vigorous aerobic activities that will make your heart beat even faster. Adding vigorous activities provides benefits in less activity time. In general, 15 minutes of vigorous activity provides the same benefits as 30 minutes of moderate activity.

Have you been walking for 30 minutes 5 days a week? On 2 days, try jogging instead of walking for 15 minutes each time. Keep on walking for 30 minutes on the other 3 days.

Mix it up!

You can do all moderate activities, all vigorous activities, or some of each. You should always start with moderate activities and then add vigorous activities little by little.

To mix it up, you can try 30 minutes of aerobic dance to and from your job 3 days a week. Then play table tennis for 60 minutes 1 day. Then elastic band resistance exercise for 2 days.

You've mixed vigorous aerobic activity (aerobic dance) with moderate aerobic activity (table tennis) and activities for stronger muscles (elastic band training).