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Persons with intellectual disability

Persons with intellectual disability



Persons with intellectual disability

Seasonal influenza vaccination is one of the effective means to prevent seasonal influenza and its complications together with reduction in influenza related hospitalisation and death.

To encourage persons with intellectual disability to receive seasonal influenza vaccination, Department of Health will provide free or subsidised seasonal influenza vaccination to the following eligible persons.

The following Hong Kong residents

Service Provider

Government Subsidy

Persons with Intellectual Disability (PID) who are also clients/ patients of public clinics or hospitals of the Hospital Authority

Public clinics or hospitals of the Hospital Authority under the Government Vaccination Programme

Free Vaccination

PID receiving services in designated day centres, sheltered workshops or designated special schools

Visiting Medical Officers under the Residential Care Home Vaccination Programme

Free Vaccination

PID holding the Registration Card for People with Disabilities (with indication of intellectual disability ) or a certificate certifying the person is eligible for VSS issued by a registered doctor or the person in-charge from the designated institutions serving the PID

Private doctors enrolled under the Vaccination Subsidy Scheme

HK$ 190 per dose

In Hong Kong, influenza is usually more common in periods from January to March/April and from July to August. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body. Get vaccinated early to ensure protection.

Guidebook for Influenza Vaccination for Persons with Intellectual Disability 2017/18 (Chinese Version only)


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