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Statistics on Health Behaviours

The Health Behaviour Survey was conducted between April 2018 and February 2019 to collect information on major health-related behaviours and lifestyle practices associated with prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).  A total of 5 903 persons aged 15 or above in Hong Kong (excluding foreign domestic helpers and two-way permit holders from the mainland of China or other visitors of Hong Kong) from 2 717 domestic households were successfully enumerated with a structured (interviewer- and self-administered) questionnaire, representing an overall household response rate of 70.8%.  During analysis, weighting is applied to age, gender and three types of housing (i.e. public rental housing, subsidized sale flats and private housing) of the study population in order to make the findings more representative of the general population.  It is envisaged that the information will be useful for planning, supporting and evaluating health promotion and disease prevention programmes.




Physical Activity

l  Setting-specific physical activities

l  Level of physical activity

l  Sedentary behaviour


Eating Habit

l  Consumption of fruit

l  Consumption of vegetables

l  Consumption of fruit and vegetables


Alcohol Consumption

l  Drinking pattern

l  Binge drinking


Smoking Habit

l  Ever Smoking


Colorectal Cancer Screening

l  Faecal occult blood test

l  Colonscopy

Cervical Cancer Screening

l  Cervical screening test