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COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Latest XBB COVID-19 Vaccination Arrangements

Starting from 27 March 2024, eligible citizens aged 6 months or above who are still not vaccinated or have not yet completed initial doses, may choose to receive XBB vaccine as their initial vaccination for free, while persons belonging to high-risk priority groups may receive XBB vaccine as their initial doses and additional booster for free.

For people who have made an online booking before 27 March 2024 to receive other mRNA vaccines, XBB vaccines will be provided to complete their initial vaccination in venues offering XBB vaccination services.

All eligible persons can choose other currently available COVID-19 vaccines based on personal preference.

List of XBB COVID-19 Vaccination Venues.  Click here for venue details.

For latest vaccination recommendation of initial doses and additional booster, please click here.

Please click here for Government Online Booking System.