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Hand Hygiene Day 5 May 2019

Hand Hygiene Day 5 May 2019

Hand Hygiene Day 2019

(Special thanks to Cravingsketchers for contributing the original cartoon character.)

Hand hygiene is the key element to the prevention of the spread of diseases. To echo with the World Health Organization’s SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands initiative, Hand Hygiene Day has been marked annually on the May 5 in Hong Kong to promote the importance of hand hygiene in both healthcare settings and the community since 2010.

The theme of this year is “Don’t Pass on the Bugs. Wash or Rub with 7 Steps for 20 seconds is a MUST”, aims to remind members of the public to perform hand hygiene properly. To clean both hands effectively, we must wash or rub for at least 20 seconds and cover 7 areas of our hands.



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