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Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
Use Antibiotics Properly Always Consult a Doctor

Hong Kong Strategy and Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance
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For General Public

  • What can the general public do to combat AMR?

    AMR is affecting everyone. Members of the public should also play an important role in combating the threat of AMR by the following:

    • Proper use of antibiotics
      • Do not demand antibiotics from your doctor
      • Follow your doctor’s advice when taking antibiotics
      • Do not stop taking antibiotics by yourselves even if you are feeling better
      • Do not take leftover antibiotics
      • Do not share your antibiotics with others
      • Do not self-purchase antibiotics without a prescription
    • Practise frequent hand hygiene, especially before eating and taking medicine, and after going to the toilet
    • Ensure your vaccination is up-to-date
    • Maintain cough etiquette, wear a surgical mask if you have respiratory symptoms
  • Proper use of antibiotics
    • What are the precautions when taking antibiotics?
    • Are antibiotics miracle drugs that cure all kinds of inflammation?
    • Are there any risks in taking antibiotics?
    • What are the side effects of taking antibiotics?
  • Personal hygiene
  • Self-care tips for minor illness
    • Do I always need antibiotics if I have cold or flu?
    • If I am having a cold or flu and my nasal discharge changes to yellow or green, do I need antibiotics?
    • Do I always need antibiotics if I have fever?
    • Why should I keep vaccination up-to-date?
  • "I-pledge" certificate for responsible use of antibiotics

Please click here to report any suspected illegal sale of antibiotics to the Drug Office